We’re Yellow.

We help businesses create happier company cultures


By daring them to care more about people and planet


One million corporate people caring more by 2030, to be precise


Because we believe that companies should measure their success on more than just profit alone


That's why we help companies move away from business as usual, and benefit from happier, more motivated and caring cultures


At Yellow, we have built a team of creative and commercial experts that we call our Yellow business Sherpas


All ready to guide you on your dare to care adventure.



Unless we change mindsets, we cannot change the way we do business.

And let’s face it business as usual isn’t an option anymore.
The world we live in is rapidly changing.
We need to care more about people and the finite resources we have at our disposal.


We are a diverse collective of modern-day Business Sherpas, aka business guides and mentors, fully equipped for today’s business world.

Jane and Barry's Story

In 2017, Jane Birkin began her own business adventure. After 20+ years at the sharp end of big corporations with a desire to do business differently and avoid the people and resource waste associated with modern day corporate business.

In 2019, Jane met Creative Director Barry Brand, who like Jane had witnessed a huge amount of waste in the creative industry – time spent on things that no longer mattered, people demotivated, clients and agency relationships that break down.

With a desire to do things differently Jane and Barry decided to work tougher, combining 40+ years of experience and expertise in the commercial and creative world and passion for being a positive force for change and a vision of a world where business success is measured by more than just profit.

Jane Birkin she/her
Barry Brand he/him
Ewan Topping he/him
Ben Bryant he/him
Robert Johnston he/him
Stephanie Jordan she/her
Nicola Cloherty she/her
Jo Weston she/her
Prachi Wasnikar - she/her
Emma White she/her
Jo Geneen she/her
Yael Weisberg
Claire Morelli she/her
Alice Weller she/her


We provide strategy, workshops, training, and culture change programs that help build more agile and motivated company cultures, driven by meaningful goals

We have category specific expertise in

(Global) Brand Marketing, Luxury, Hospitality, Sports, and sustainability,

plus a team of creative and commercial experts that we call our Yellow business Sherpas, all trained and ready to guide you on your dare to care adventure

We measure the success and the impact of our work with companies in the following way:

Yellow Happy

A happy and engaged workforce makes for a successful business. Yes, we measure happiness

Yellow Planet

We aim to change the way you view your work and the impact it has on the world.

We measure if you begin to think differently

Yellow Pledge

It’s not all about changing how you think. We also want to change how you act. We ask you to commit to the Yellow Pledge to take one action forward in your corporate strategy and/or impact reporting

Our range of products include:

  • Caring more about creative and client waste.
  • Caring more about how you sell to a new, more conscious generation
  • Caring more about a purpose-led approach to Luxury
  • Care more about how your business impacts the planet

We lead with our Yellow Sherpa values:

Kindness, Courage, Curiosity and Adventure


We dare to care for a future where business is done in a better, kinder way cutting through the corporate silos and hierarchy that often stifle organisations.

We lead with our Yellow Sherpa values:


We give back more than we take

Kindness is to apply a lens of love, compassion, generosity and service to the use of your own time, talent and resources in order to better your own life and the lives of others (without expecting something in return). We think we could do with a bit more of that in the business world, and every project we take on seeks to educate and transform company culture in a way that creates more corporate kindness.


We lead from the heart.

Courage comes from the French word for heart. And it takes heart to go against the status quo, to push for a world where business is done in a more caring and compassionate way. At Yellow we have the guts to dare to think differently, to challenge business-as-usual, and the ability to roll up our sleeves, get down in the mud with you and help make it happen.


We lead with good spirit.

The one thing that is constant in this world is change and we know that, for a business, change can be scary. We don't see it like that. We see this type of transformation as bold, exciting and agile and a way of embracing the future. Adapting to where business needs to go if we want to serve the generations to come.


We are open to new ways.

At Yellow we are tenacious about discovering how we can help companies care more. We do that by being constantly open and curious to how business is transforming; different cultures, different mindsets and different goals. In order to create that change, we turn over every rock in our own rockpool, before we shine a light on yours

We dare to care for a future where business is done in a better way. Do you?

Here are a few of our clients we've helped

If you’d like to know how daring to care more could impact your business let’s arrange a cup of tea around our virtual campfire.

If you’d like to know how daring to care more could impact your business let’s arrange a cup of tea around our virtual campfire.